advanced radiative transfer in dusty systems
The SKIRT Developer Guide

This guide offers guidelines on how to adjust or extend the SKIRT code.

The SKIRT code will never be finished. Fundamental changes and additions will likely be developed or at least initiated in concert with the core SKIRT team at the Ghent University. However, you may want to adjust the SKIRT code in simple ways to fit the needs of your particular radiative transfer problem. Many features, such as introducing another primary source spectral energy distribution or a function describing the spatial distribution of the transfer medium, can be added without the need for an expert software development background.

We also explicitly invite your contributions to the project. A contribution can take many forms, from asking a question to implementing a set of new classes. Information on how to contribute can be found in the Contributing section on this web site.

You should start learning about SKIRT development by performing the development-related tutorials offered as part of the Tutorials section on this web site.

This developer guide includes the following topics with further guidance and reference material: