Version 9
advanced radiative transfer in dusty systems

This page provides a list of downloads related to SKIRT or PTS. To download a file, right-click or option-click the filename and choose "Save As..."

SKIRT resource packs

Many built-in SKIRT features require the presence of one or more resource files containing tabulated data (e.g., source spectra or dust properties). To avoid overloading the source code repository with potentially large data files, these resources must be downloaded seperately, in addition to cloning the SKIRT source code repository and building the executable. On Linux and Mac OS X systems, the convenience shell script provided in the SKIRT git directory automatically downloads and installs the expected resource pack(s). As an alternative, or for operating systems not supported by the script, the resource packs can be manually downloaded here. Refer to the SKIRT installation guide for further instructions. Core SKIRT resource pack, version 6 – required for all installations SKIRT resource pack for BPASS SED template family, version 1 – optional, required only for BPASS SEDs SKIRT resource pack for Atomic and Molecular data, version 1 – optional, required only for some gas material mixes

Data files used in the tutorials

Some of the SKIRT tutorials require one or more input data files to be present on your computer, as described in the "Getting ready" section of each tutorial. These data files are provided here.

kh_amr.txt Dust distribution in Kelvin-Helmholtz instability produced by MPI-AMRVAC
eagle_stars.txt Stellar particles from EAGLE SPH simulation snapshot
eagle_gas.txt Gas particles from EAGLE SPH simulation snapshot
polarization_config.xml Configuration file serving as a basis for the tutorial on polarization