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StoredTable_Impl Namespace Reference


void close (string filePath)
void open (size_t numAxes, const SimulationItem *item, string filename, bool resource, string axes, string quantity, string &filePath, const double **axBeg, const double **qtyBeg, size_t *axLen, size_t *qtyStep, bool *axLog, bool *qtyLog)

Detailed Description

This namespace contains private utilities for StoredTable. These non-template functions are seperated out into a seperate compilation unit (1) to avoid duplicating the code for each type of StoredTable and (2) to avoid propagating the dependencies (includes) of the implementation to all StoredTable users.

Function Documentation

◆ close()

void StoredTable_Impl::close ( string  filePath)

This function performs the close() operation as described for the destructor of the StoredTable class template. It receives the canonical path to the associated resource file, or the empty string if no association exists.

◆ open()

void StoredTable_Impl::open ( size_t  numAxes,
const SimulationItem item,
string  filename,
bool  resource,
string  axes,
string  quantity,
string &  filePath,
const double **  axBeg,
const double **  qtyBeg,
size_t *  axLen,
size_t *  qtyStep,
bool *  axLog,
bool *  qtyLog 

This function performs the open() operation as described for the function with the same name in the StoredTable class template. It receives references or pointers to all data members of the stored table instance, in addition to the input parameters of the open() function.